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About Us

A Healthy Lifestyle is made with Balance

Welcome to JCFIT, where a healthy lifestyle means balance! With over 8 years of experience crafting my own fitness plans, I offer workout plans to help you achieve your fitness goals. My personalized plans are tailored to living a healthy lifestyle where you can meet your individual goal, be it weight loss, strength building, or overall fitness improvement, while maintaining a balance of enjoying life. As a fitness enthusiast, I lift, but I also love to read and write, and eat cookies! My fitness plans reflect the extensive knowledge that I've gained in the fitness community. Let me help you achieve your fitness goals while indulging in a healthy lifestyle.


Our Story

Growing up, I was always the girl who was "too thin" to no fault other than genetics. I grew tired of the comments I would get on my body, so in my first years of college, I decided to learn how to lift weights. A few of my friends went to the gym and taught me proper form so I wouldn't hurt myself. I have now been lifting for over 8 years with tremendous progress. My soccer coach used to make me kick the ball against a wall because my legs were so weak. Now these legs can push weight I never thought possible.

I have been working on my own personal growth for years, and have learned to love me in that timespan. I decided to start this business to help others reach their goals so that they too can feel their best. When I started lifting, I found having a plan ahead of time was the best way to ensure I made it to the gym. At JCFIT I aim to provide you with the best workout plans to ensure you have a great workout!

Meet The Team

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